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Private Dining

Private Dining.

Pop-up dinners and dates coming soon.

Waves .

Menu, Dates, Venue & Tickets Available Shortly. Undisclosed location in Los Angeles, CA.

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Bay Scallops & Gnocchi - Lemon Rice Wine Sauce, Cilantro Lime Froth, Crispy Shoestring Sweat Potato, Roasted Cremini, Mung Beans.

In preparation for my next private dinner "Waves." I decided it would be a good idea to make a quick eats for a dish that won't be making the menu. -~ Caramelized Peach Panna Cotta, Bourbon & Brown Butter Cake, Raspberry Coulis, Burnt Rosemary, Dehydrated Raspberry, Orange Bitters, Marshmallows.

One Centricity Launch Dinner